Moving On CD Cover


All lyrics written by Karla Chisholm from 2008-2010. All songs published 2011 © Partical Publishing, BMI.

Lovers Wonderland (Chisholm)

I can’t get you off my mind. Maybe we could spend some time and I’ll make you see you were meant for me. And then someday, someday not so far away, you will take my hand and wander through this lovers wonderland with me. No one else will do so please be gentle with my heart. It’s a brand new start and it can’t handle being ripped apart again. Friends? Is that all you want from me? Maybe we’re not meant to be so I’ll lock up my heart and throw away the key. Lovers Wonderland, Lovers Wonderland, Lovers Wonderland. (Repeat & Enjoy)

Brain Snow (Chisholm, Ascione)

You floated across my mind today. You made me smile as you danced around my brain. Synapse relapse sit back relax enjoy the rain show brain snow. Lightening strikes the dogs that bite. Fear and spite emitting light onto my window pane. No need to fear we’re sharing dreams dear. We’re floating on clouds, roaring at the sea, you’re walking with me through some memory and it feels strange. Time to rearrange. Memory of the bee in me. Buzzing round in a flurry of new company. Tumbling down we hit the sound of the inevitable ground. Birds of flight take up their might. Flying blindly in the night is such a crazy scene. (Chorus)

Mexico (Chisholm)

Sinkin’ in the ground I’ve found a hole that I can hide in. Didn’t hear the sound of the temperament that you’re in oh, oh. Listening to the crackle of the fire that’s within me. Didn’t know till now that you were not coming to find me oh, oh. My heart won’t let you and your life won’t let you fly away, fly away. And I’ve never known love like that and you’re growing bored of this it’s oh, oh. Feeling so ashamed tucking my feelings in my pockets. Spinning round in circles has got my head tied up in knots it’s oh, oh. Looking round to find a former life that I’d abandoned. Paying out my pain in tears is not what I’d imagined oh, oh. (Chorus) Oh what a cruel joke played. I guess I’ll take the part of the fool with a broken heart who’ll do anything for love. (Chorus)

Losing Control (Chisholm)

They say true love’s worth waiting for, but I’ve been an open door and no one’s wandered by. I told you how I feel. I was so glad to hear you feel the same but you’re scared and unprepared to give me what I need. I just need you near me and I need you to hear me. All I know is that I’m losing control of my heart. Losing control, Losing control, Losing control of my heart. I know I shouldn’t let myself get carried away cause at the end of the day I know I can’t make you stay. So I go out night to night with other men who are alright but the whole damn time all I think about is you. I need you near me and I need you to hear me. All I know is that I’m losing control of my heart. (Chorus) And you, you wandered by and my heart began to cry because it feels your goodbye.

Sun & Moon (Chisholm, Googins)

The Sun woke up one morning and he raised his weary head and he said to himself I don’t wanna go ‘round and around no more I don’t even know who I am anymore. (Around & Around) His world keeps on turning. (Around & Around) The fire burnin. (Around & Around) His whole life waitin’. Then one day the sun caught up with the moon. He asked what time it was. She said bout half past noon, but then the moon got nervous and continued the dance, but all the sun wanted was a second chance. (Chorus) And so the sun decided they were night and day and nobody could be happy that way because the moon won’t play and the stars never stay. He said all I am is one endless day. (Chorus)

The One (Chisholm, Grant)

It’s never felt like this before. Isn’t it funny how love suddenly finds your door? I didn’t know what I needed till you walked my way. I didn’t know what I was missing till you called my name. Don’t wanna say too much too soon, but I don’t need a lot of time to know there’s room in my heart for you. I’m not scared. Just hope that I’m prepared cause You’re all I want. You’re all I need. You’re everything I hoped you’d be Don’t think the timing could be more right. Why don’t you hug me and kiss me and love me tonight? I know you’re the one, so come on baby lets go have some fun. I wanna love you in the that way you need and share with you all my hopes and my dreams. I’m not scared. Just hope that I’m prepared cause (Chorus) I’ve been waiting for you right here, waiting for you so long my dear. Your love came on so very strong. I needed someone to set me free to be the one I was meant to be. (Chorus)